The themes

For the workshops with the Girl Guides, A+E created story themes they knew would appeal to young girls, such as Detective, Vampires, Time Travel and Enchantment.  However for this tongue-in-cheek workshop I’ve gone with themes that are decidedly hyperlocal, here they are:

Piling on the pressure

dog poo

Dog Poo in Kings Cross by William Perrin

Sometimes you need to campaign so things are as they should be. Do you want something new to happen or something to change? Something to start or something to end? Something to be saved or something to be lost?  Who are you putting public pressure upon and how? How do they react?

What was lost

Doctor on

Doctor on

Something precious is fading away.  Are you happy or sad to see it go? What void will it leave? Will you strive to save it or replace it?

The journey

Sorry! by Tim Ellis

Sorry! by Tim Ellis

How do people get from A to B? Is it plain sailing or a rocky road?

Local life

Wake Green Park Mole by Karen Strunks

Wake Green Park Mole by Karen Strunks

Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? Do they live harmoniously with those around them or do they clash? Who or what are they key characters of the community and why?


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