The introduction to Postcode Stories: earn your #TAL11 Communications badge

So here’s the session suggestion I posted on the Google group for the #TAL11 talk about local unconference on Saturday 2nd April:


I’d like to talk about a project from I’ve been working on:

‘Postcode Stories is a project run by A+E working with the Girl Guides in Birmingham to produce interactive and shareable maps that encourage people to rethink their local environment and find a new way to experience their every day surroundings. Produced in a series of workshops that encompass storytelling, audio capture and geotagging, the resulting ‘guided tours’ will take you on a fictional journey around an area – inviting you to see a neighbourhood through a creative lens of possibility and play.’

Through a series of workshops the Girl Guides group earned their Communications badge through creating and telling a fictional story drawn from the local area’s characteristics using social media. Their stories, which form fictional tours of the B14 Birmingham area, will now be circulated through a paper and online audio/visual map. This method of earning the Communications badge is quite unusual for the Girl Guides – it’s usually gotten through learning things like semaphore or morse code.

A+E are now trying to create a toolkit from this project for other community groups working with children, to help them discover, create and tell stories from their areas.

I’d like to talk about the experiences of the project with a fun little workshop that will have you creating a story from key characteristics from the area surrounding The Atrium unconference venue and earning a #TAL11 Communications badge! 😉

Cheers, Nicky.


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